How To View the Originality Report

Step 1 – Go to inbox

Go to the Class Homepage, either by clicking on ‘go to portfolio‘ in the digital receipt….

…or by clicking on the ‘View/Complete‘ link in the content area where you submitted your work.

Step 2 – View report

The link to the originality report appears as a percentage underneath the column headed ‘Similarity‘. This percentage indicates the amount of text in your document that matches the sources searched by Turnitin and is known as the ‘overall similarity index’. Click on the percentage to open the report.

The coloured square to the right of the percentage value gives a quick indication of the level of matching text found:

If you see the words ‘Not available‘ in place of the link, this means your tutor has not given you permission to view the report.

If the icon appears to be ‘greyed out’ or ‘ghosted’, this means that the report has not yet been generated. Wait a few minutes and then right click on the page, choose refresh and then try again. If the report is still not available you may want to try again later. It can take up to 24 hours to generate the paper when systems are busy.

The Originality Report

The Originality Report shows the text of your paper in the left hand pane with a list of matching sources from its database to the right. Potential sources include the Internet (both current and archived pages), journal articles and papers submitted by other students.

Matches are numbered and colour coded to help you see which parts of your text have matched with each source. If your text matches with more than one source, the match shown will not necessarily be the one you have used.

Check each match carefully to decide if you need to make any changes to your document.

Possible reasons why you might see matching text are:

  • You have used a direct quotation. Make sure it is enclosed in quotation marks and that you have included a citation and a reference.
  • You have not used a direct quotation but have referred to an author’s work and have used similar words.  You will need to rewrite the section in your own words. A citation and reference must be included.
  • Your document includes phrases which are in common use or are in general use within your subject discipline. You don’t need to worry about such matches and it is not necessary to remove these phrases from your document.

You can choose to include or exclude quotations and/or the bibliography from the  report by clicking on the filter button at the bottom of the report and adding or removing a tick from the relevant box, then clicking on the Apply Changes button.   The overall similarity index will be recalculated.

You can find more information on interpreting your Originality Report in the Turnitin FAQs available from the Referencing and Plagiarism section of Skills Plus and from the video guide which appears on the same page.