5My Previous Experiences and Interests

Smart cities, sustainable cities, green cities… it’s the talk of the town. But who knows how to develop, design and organize the processes necessary to move towards truly sustainable cities? This is what Except started doing in 1999, and continues to innovate and work on.     I am interested in design field at all, especially in architecture and urban design and those interests reflected in my idea for writing a critical essay. I had some experience in urban design in my past studies, while I have studied three years in Faculty of Architecture and there I have made a residential complex design project related to urban planning, it consists of 32 units (12 residential towers + 20 residential apartments) and the subject of my project was “Sustainability in Residential Buildings”. The construction, use, and demolition of homes have many direct impacts on the environment. To ensure the sustainability of a design, I have considered the following principles in my design process like Optimizing Site Potential, Minimizing Energy Use and Use Renewable Energy Strategies, Conserving and Protecting Water, Building Orientation, Using Environmentally Preferable Products, Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality, Optimizing Operations and Maintenance Practices, Flexible Design and Design for End of Life, this principle encourages design for the disassembly, reuse, and/or recycling of building components and materials at the end of their useful life. The environmental, social and economic benefits of sustainable design can be reached through applying the principles of sustainable architecture to the applicable building programs and design, that’s why I want to expand this research to reach the ecological and economic Sustainability in Cities Planning by using some Technologies in Urban and Regional Planning.

Here are some technologies used in Urban and Regional Planning:

  • GIS : Geographical Information System
  • ICT : Information and Communication Technology
  • IT : Information Technology
  • VR : Virtual Reality Technologies
  • “Airbrone” type laser measurement systems
  • RS : Remote Sensing

Selected Theme

The selected theme is:

How can Technologies develop Urban and Regional Planning?

I found this theme is the most powerful and related to my previous studies so I can explore in-depth technology impact on urban design within the framework of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

I think that title which goes for the detail and specifics is much better than a general approach, almost like saying:

 “Less is more”  by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe  1947

So I thought it needs a bit more specificity in the area of research and perhaps a need to be less dense and wordy, then I have decided to put (ICT) Technology to be a part of my essay title and also as a research keyword in my writing process.

Examples of my studio work relevant to the Selected Theme


By Yana Zaza 2016


How to Use Critical Thinking in the Essay and my Goals in Writing it

In fact, without critical thinking, essays would be highly illogical. Critical thinking allows you to dig under the surface to understand and articulate a subject or point of view.

To put it another way: If you want to influence and impress others with your intellect and authoritative grasp of the issues, you have to put those critical thinking skills to good use.

Critical Thinking is the application of decision makingdeductive reasoningcritical analysis, evaluating, and problem solving. In other words, it’s all the ingredients that makes for a great essay.

To become a good writer, it is important to have goals. This is especially true for those who are writing essays, since this can be a challenging format to write in. There are certain things you will need to do in order to become a better writer.

However, taking 15 minutes to write each day can greatly improve my skills. I may even want to create a schedule so that I am able to write at specific times each day. I could write before I go to bed, or as soon as you wake up or to write at a time which makes me feel comfortable. The purpose of doing this is too make writing become a habit. While virtually everyone has bad habits, there are some good habits we can develop as well. As I continue to write everyday, I will find that my skills will greatly improve.

The next goal that any writer should be to read as much as they can.

Many people have a hard time writing essays because they simply don’t take the time to read. Reading will increase your vocabulary, expand your horizons, and allow you to gain knowledge. This combined knowledge can be used to create unique ideas which have not previously been considered.This is why it is important to set goals for reading a certain number of books each year.

Another goal that can help me become a better essay writer is to start my own journal. Writing in a journal can give a large number of ideas, and can also allow to learn things about myself. If I write in it daily, this will greatly increase my ability to write good essays.

Tutor and Peers Feedback

There are definitely some helpful points to consider from my tutor and peers feedback and it helps me to develop my ideas and consider some new points for research.

That’s really push my work up and makes me start with a strong sense of focus.

Finally, I can say that tutor’s feedback helped me to choose the most detailed topic / perspective that seems to be “Technology in Urban and Regional Planning” and focus on this towards some potential “themes” from within a chosen topic.


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